If you have an injured animal in your possession, please bring it to us.



Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota

clinicians caring for an animal

Who We Are

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota provides quality medical care and rehabilitation for all injured, sick and orphaned wildlife, and shares its knowledge with the people who care about them.

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Finding an Injured Animal

If the animal you've found is obviously injured, please bring it to the Center immediately. If it's an orphan, please call us prior to bringing in the animal: 651-486-9453.

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We try our best to rehabilitate animals as quickly as possible in order to get them back into their natural habitat where they belong. With a team of veterinarians, interns, and volunteers, we're well-equiped to do just that.

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Show Your Support

There are many ways to show your support for the WRC. In the month of December, all contributions will be matched 100% by the Bailey Foundation for Generous Giving!

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