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Winter is here to stay.

"It's August so why is it still snowing?" "Why is there a foot of ice on my car?" "Is that a glacier outside my window?" These are some common phrases we hear every day and it's no wonder since just a few years ago, snow and ice were only present in the northern hemisphere and polar regions. Now it covers the earth.

Don't lose hope. The Ice Age Survival Kit makes it easy for you to prepare and protect yourself from some of the most common dangers that come along with an ice age. In case of a power outage, you may want to print these tips and tricks now.

Be Prepared


You need water.
You can survive up to a month without food, but only 3 DAYS without water!

Keep your extremeties covered.
Hands, feet, nose, ears and face are the first areas to be affected by the cold weather.

Keep moving.
Run around or do jumping jacks to keep your body temperature at normal levels.